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Real Estate "Finders" needed in all areas of the country...
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IMPORTANT MESSAGE… about the tremendous opportunity that exists right now for you to make huge profits with "Real Estate Finder's Fees™"…

You may have been 'sold' the idea that there's just no money to be made in real estate right now by the relentlessly negative media... but they're VERY wrong.

What they AREN'T telling you could cause you to look in the wrong direction and miss the GREAT INCOME AND STEADY PROFITS just waiting for you.

I CAN ABSOLUTELY PROVE that my NEW Real Estate Finder's Fee "Machine" can make money FOR YOU, too - right now!

Everybody knows there is a nationwide "fire sale" of deeply discounted houses... a growing and giant number of homeowners eager or even desperate to sell.

But you say… "I certainly don't have the cash or credit to buy up houses and wait and hope for a recovery." And I'm NOT suggesting such a thing.

But, I have invented an amazing way you can capitalize on the current situation: Here's how to quickly earn Finder's Fees of $10,000 to $25,000+ on each deal you find (without using any money or credit)...


If you have access to a computer, a phone, can follow simple instructions and have 5 to 10 hours a week available, I can put you in this unique Service Business instantly in your town...



New "Real Estate Finder's Fee
Money Machine"
Produces Fast Cash Profits

(WITHOUT using a dime of your money or credit!)

You are actually just a "finder" and middleman, providing a needed service to certain homeowners and to real estate investor-buyers.

It's 100% automated...

You can get paid $5,000... $15,000... even $25,000+ PER DEAL that you "find" with the FREE Systems I give you… applied in your area.

I promise: this FREE "Real Estate Money Machine" can make you more money in ONE MONTH, than most people make ALL YEAR! There's NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT. It's time is now... and it's working great in our current economy!


One of the secrets here is that this
is not so much a "real estate" opportunity as it is a "finder's fee" opportunity.

Did you know?... Some of the highest paid people in the world earn their giant incomes from "finder's fees"... as match-makers and deal-makers (not as buyers or sellers or investors, and certainly not as owners of businesses that enslave them with stores or offices, employees, overhead, long hours and worry).

Yes, finder's fees are paid to people who make mergers and acquisitions happen, find private lenders for borrowers, buyers for used private aircraft, even foreign brides for affluent American men! And, of course, buyers for discounted real estate!

WHAT WE KNOW THAT MOST DON'T... The insiders' money-making secret that I'm here to share with you... is that "the money's in the deal" (not in the property, the product or the business).  Of course, this kind of fast, easy money-making has long been beyond the reach of ordinary folks like you and me... kept in the hands of the Wall Street elite.

But the economy's crash has knocked down the secrecy, blown away the barriers, and I've personally "cracked the code" so ANYBODY can get in on this streamlined shortcut to big income.

So, why shouldn't you do this?  I've put it all together as a SIMPLE SERVICE BUSINESS anyone can make great money with, exactly as I'm doing, from as few as 5 to 10 hours a week.  Join me!

NOTE: If you happen to be an experienced real estate investor, you'll be amazed at how superior this System is to everything else you've ever seen or done.  If you've never done anything with real estate before, it won't matter. Because there's a BONUS on this web page!  You'll see how to get these FINDER FEE DEALS DONE FOR YOU -- for FREE!

WARNING:  To get this "Real Estate Finder’s Fee Money Machine" (for FREE) that pays you $5,000… $15,000… even $25,000 (or more) on each house found that fits the criteria… you MUST act fast. 

I’m on a mission to “break down the closed doors” of making money through deal-making and finder’s fees.  But as soon as I get testimonials from 50 additional people, completely proving my System with a variety of people in all parts of the country, this "Finder’s Fee Machine" will no longer be given away for free.  


From: Michael Kimble, Austin, Texas

For a limited time, I am giving away -- for FREE -- my “Real Estate Finder’s Fee Money Machine” that is proven to find all the houses you want that can be immediately acquired for 50¢ on the dollars or less.   And then, this very same “Machine” will quickly sell those houses for you on full auto-pilot… to a waiting group of Real Estate Investor-Buyers, so you can start getting BIG ‘finder’s fee’ checks next month.  This is the same "Money Machine" that I personally use to do 5 - 10 of these deals a month!  It’s really a simple Service Business… THE best business you’ve never heard of…

 Dear Friend,

The opportunity is here now -- you can make big money as a real estate “finder”.

There is a large group of real estate investor-buyers with cash eager to snap up deeply discounted real estate deals in every city, town, nook and cranny of America.  

They are wealthy and flush with cash.  They know that this is the time to buy.  But they can’t go out and scour the countryside and contact millions of homeowners directly themselves.  It’s just not practical.  So that’s where I’ve stepped in and why I am am being paid big finder’s fees, and you can too.  There is a big demand for “finders” all over America AND IN YOUR AREA right now.

All you have to do is find a good deal (my Systems do this for you).  Submit it.  Get paid.

Yes, this is “real estate”, but don’t let that intimidate you.  Whether you are a new to investing and have never closed a deal… OR you're an experienced investor who has done over 100 deals… the “Real Estate Money Machine” I'm currently (and temporarily) giving away on this site -- for FREE -- will make you more money in finder’s fees than you ever dreamed possible!  (And this current down market, the real estate crash of 2008 and 2009, makes this an even bigger and better opportunity than it could be at other times -- so the time for you to act is now!) 

IMAGINE finally tapping into a “stream of money”... opening your mailbox to find a check for $8,000.00, another for $11,000.00, yet another for $23,000.00... all finder’s fees made quickly, easily, simply... in your spare time... with NO office, employees, inventory, licenses, buying, selling.  This is THE chance to get ahead!  To make money in big hunks.  To wipe out your debts, pay off your house, replace any money lost in your retirement accounts, and secure your future in months instead of tens of years.   

IMAGINE the pride you’ll feel as you sit at the kitchen table with your spouse and open envelopes with big checks in them (instead of bills)... and talk about planning a really great vacation for your anniversary or having a burn-the-mortgage party in your backyard!  

This is exactly what can happen to you -- without a government bail-out!  Without winning the lottery!  The American way, through your own initiative.

And if you can follow simple directions, you absolutely CAN earn these big finder’s fees.  My FREE Machine will get you paid on deals you find… without investing any money… without using credit… without risk… and without much effort.

I know it sounds “impossible”, but I have proof, you can prove it for yourself without any risk.  And I’ll even set up you up in this amazing business with my money-making Machine FREE!

You must even be careful when using this Machine… because it CAN find you too many deals, too fast!  And I know this to be absolutely true… because this is the exact Money Machine I personally use to earn finder’s fees.  Now YOU can do the same.

Let’s get started… I’ll spell out the amazing details….

 More money is made and wealth created through real estate than by any other means in America, period, and that’s a fact.

But most of the “get rich in real estate stuff” you see on late night TV or might find at “traveling circus” seminars that come through your town, filled by big newspaper ads, frankly FAILS FOR MOST PEOPLE.  Why?  Because it’s just too darned complicated.

And if you ask any real estate investor who’s achieved incredible wealth and success , they'll tell you that…”the fly in the ointment”…the stumbling block most people can’t get past….is that…. 

MARKETING Is The Single Most Important Factor
To Making A Lot Of Money In Real Estate!

Think about it… 

Without powerful and effective marketing… investors will not get any deals… And without deals… investors have NO business.  It’s that simple.  If you do NOT have effective MARKETING SYSTEMS in place that are consistently getting you deals (and quickly selling those deals for you)… you will NOT succeed in this business.  Period.  

When I talk with other real estate investors, a question they often ask me is, “How do you find so many deals?”  They are amazed to see how much money I make month in and month out, so easily, especially now.  My answer is always the same… with MARKETING.

And my unique approach CHANGES EVERYTHING and makes big profits based on real estate ACCESSIBLE TO YOU without requiring you to put up your own money or credit.  You see…

Marketing is THE single most important success ingredient in real estate investing.

Most people do NOT understand this. They think you need a lot of technical knowledge or you need cash and credit, and that you have to be an appraiser, a handyman, a landlord; that you have to deal with bankers and lenders; that you need nerves of steel to knock on doors, to negotiate with sellers and buyers. But none of that is the surest, shortest, easiest and fastest path to  big CASH income, to big checks handed over to you.  I have eliminated all of that.  

I’ve simplified this to a “finder’s fee business” that just happens to use real estate!  (Of course, every once in a while you may find a deal so good you choose to keep a property as an  investor, or you might use my Machine to find yourself a beach house, mountain cabin or other vacation home at a bargain, and that’s fine. But mainly, I’m about MARKETING to earn fat finder’s fees.) 

Unfortunately… creating great marketing and putting it into action can be very difficult for many investors.  Most people who “try” real estate investing after attending seminars or buying home study courses GIVE UP  because of LACK of effective marketing.  They don’t have Systems in place bringing them deals…  or Systems that sell those deals for them.  I’m here to make sure that YOU do not smash YOUR nose against that brick wall, yet CAN share in the enormous profits made everyday – especially now (despite what you hear in the news) with real estate. 

Think of it this way….  

What If You Could Skip The Learning Curve…
Save Time…  Save Money…
And Instantly Get Set-Up With 4 Of The
Most Successful & Profitable Marketing Systems
Ever Created For Real Estate “Finders” And Investors!...

What if… you could get all of the super-profitable benefits of a 20-year marketing education without any of the work or expense?  And not only KNOW the insider secrets of using MARKETING to attract deals and match them with buyers to earn big finder’s fees, but even get ALL of your marketing DONE-FOR-YOU, with guaranteed results?

What if… you could get not one, but FOUR complete “Marketing Systems” bringing you profitable wholesale deals (at 50¢ on the dollar!), and pre-foreclosure properties at HUGE discounts?

What if… these same Systems lined-up ready, QUALIFIED BUYERS for these properties automatically while you sleep, work at your day job or run your regular business, while you golf, or while you hang out at your kids baseball game?

In short -- What If… an experienced, successful millionaire entrepreneur who is himself earning big finder’s fees put his entire business “in a box” and handed it to you ready to use as your own?... and didn’t just leave you to do it alone… but actually helped you?

And what if… you could get ALL of this FOR FREE?

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to get all of that and more.  But first…you ARE skeptical, and I can’t blame you, so you will need to know…. 

Who Am I… Why Should You Listen To What I Have To Say? And Why Would I Do Such An ‘Insane Thing’
As Putting You Into My Business -- FREE?”

My name is Michael Kimble… and I’ll happily admit, compared to other real estate investors , I’m a “rookie.” But don’t let that fool you… because I’m also a very savvy business man and an expert “direct-response marketer.”

You see, once I discovered that I could take my 23 years of direct marketing experience and apply it to my profitable new “hobby” of real estate investing… I was able to generate more deals than I could physically handle!

Before I got involved in real estate “finding”… deal-making… and investing (completely dominating my markets in Texas in a very short period of time)… I made a very good living as the owner of “direct marketing” (ie. ‘mail-order’) businesses.  I still own one of those businesses today and it continues to earn me over a million dollars per year… with little involvement on my part.

Over the years, I’ve personally mailed out millions upon millions of postcards and sales letters selling everything from “information products” (that teach marketing to small business owners)… to nutritional supplements… to life insurance (selling multi-million dollar policies to doctors)… ALL sold via direct mail!  NO face-to-face selling! 

My marketing skills have allowed me to make millions and millions of dollars in my businesses.  I’m now willing to let you use my skills as yours! 

Dan Kennedy Says...

"Michael Kimble is an expert direct marketer, solid businessman, with many years of experience and with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.  He is brilliant at uncovering great opportunities and making them accessible to ordinary men and women.  I have been consulting to Michael's businesses for many years and have been very impressed with the overall quality he brings to the table; product quality, information quality and customer service quality. I'm confident you'll find working with Michael and his staff a pleasure."

--Dan Kennedy, Editor,Author, 11 Bestselling Business Books, Internationally Recognized as the "Millionaire-Maker"

I’m also considered an expert direct-response copywriter by many of the biggest names in marketing, and have written several direct mail sales letters that have each generated millions of dollars in sales.  (I’m still mailing a letter today I wrote 5 years ago that’s generating over $400,000.00 a year in sales!)  

Some of the biggest names in the “real estate training” business have been asking me for years to write promotions for them… real players like Ron LeGrand, Ted Thomas, Jeff Adams, Stacy Kellams, and a whole host of other trainers.  Why do they seek out my expertise?  Because I know how to write compelling marketing sales copy and create marketing messages and Systems that SELL.

"I've known Michael Kimble for over 10 years. We were both in Dan Kennedy's Platinum Mastermind Group together for most of those years.  There is no question that Michael is an astute, top level direct-response marketer and copywriter."

--Bill Glazer, President
Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle

Now -- why is all this IMPORTANT TO YOU?

I know marketing, but I do not consider myself an expert at the “technical” side of real estate investing (although I am constantly learning and investing in my education).  So, whether you know a lot or a little or nothing about real estate, you can still follow MY lead and enjoy earning big finder’s fees from real estate.  

Because of my marketing expertise… 

I run circles around even the
most experienced investors…

…  ONLY because I have marketing tools and Systems (a Marketing Machine) in place that consistently get me deals (and then sells those deals for me).  My Systems are reliable and predictable.  And now that I have these Systems, you don’t need to know everything I know about marketing.  Not at all.  You may wind up finding it fascinating and choose to learn about it.  

But you can begin by just using my Machine as I hand it to you, and watch the finder’s fee checks roll in.  Investors will pay you to use my Machine to find good deals for them.  

As I told you, I’ve been involved in a lot of businesses over 23 years, and been successful in most of them.  But none…  none – and I think, no other business – can match the income-producing power and simplicity of the “deal finder business” that I’ve created with real estate!

YOU MAY ALREADY BE TEMPTED T REJECT THE VERY IDEA OF YOU BEING INVOLVED IN REAL ESTATE -- I almost made that mistake myself.  But let’s not make more of it than it is.  Real estate is a simple commodity that people buy and sell and use everyday -- just like toilet paper or groceries or gasoline.

It is also something more people invest in than any other thing.  It is a common, everyday product.  When it moves from one person to another, there are often cash profits created.  If there is a simple, straightforward way for you to get a share of those profits, why would you leap to the conclusion or insist “real estate’s not for me”? 

If... you fear it’s too complicated, I’ve made it simple.

If...  you think it requires cash or your credit, no, it does not when approached my way, as a finder’s fee business.  

If... you think it requires a lot of expertise or education or licenses, it does not when approached my way, as a finder’s fee business.  

If... you think it takes a lot of time, I put in fewer than 15 hours a week and handle upwards from 10 deals a month, each one worth thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars.  

If...  you think you need to hire a salesperson, you do not. With my System, you don’t even meet anybody face to face.  

There’s simply no reason this can’t be THE “dream” home-based, part-time business that gives you great income immediately and finally, really puts you on the path to financial freedom.  Do NOT disqualify yourself! 

Further, compare this to any other business you might start.  Most take more time, use your cash or credit, saddle you with inventory in the garage, require education, ask you to be a great salesman, and may involve a franchise fee, debt, a store or office, employees and big headaches.

This is a simple “service business.”  Each transaction has only 5 steps that I’ll list in a minute.  There are no products to buy, inventory, handle or sell.  Even though “real estate” may sound intimidating, and some of the terminology I have to use here may sound foreign to you, there really is NO SIMPLER WAY OF MAKING SERIOUS MONEY than this!

Once I got involved with real estate ‘deal finding’… I quickly realized the same marketing techniques and Systems I was using to sell books, home study courses and nutritional supplements, could ALSO be used to find and get total strangers (motivated sellers) to give me their houses for 50% below market value! -- without me ever meeting them in person… and could be used to place those deals with eager investors waiting for them, happy to pay me finder’s fees!

It was great!  I mean, when I first started marketing for real estate deals… I felt like I had super powers! (YOU WILL TOO!)

While it seems everybody’s complaining about today’s economy… I just put some of my tried-and-true marketing know-how to work, and started getting lots of deals quickly and easily. (YOU WILL TOO!)

Now it really is a push-button MACHINE!  And my personal Machine produces all the deals I want and more than I can handle just here in Texas, so it seemed obvious to me that I could share this with ambitious men and women trying to get ahead, who would LOVE having this amazing opportunity (LIKE YOU?!?)… and it takes nothing away from me to do so.

For a limited time, I’ll give you my Machine to use as your own -- and make all the money
you’d like to make -- FREE.

Most people who try real estate investing fail… because while most investors focus the on the “technical” aspects of investing -- I have Marketing Systems that consistently fill my pipeline with HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLERS and BUYERS!  My Systems get me so many deals, I’m able to pick and choose the very best ones!

In fact, last month -- using just ONE of the four Marketing Systems I will give you for FREE -- I took control of 12 houses for around 50¢ on the dollar… without ever seeing the properties… without ever meeting with the sellers… and without using any of my own money!  

And, with buyers ready and waiting and happy to pay me my finder’s fees, I never actually hold onto houses or manage and find tenants for properties, I don’t even use my cash or credit.  Instead, I’ve converted all this into a SIMPLE SERVICE BUSINESS… about “match-making”… as a “Finder” -- so anyone CAN do it!

Here’s How Easy It Is To Get Started And Join Me… 

If you can take action right now (today), I will reward that action and give you -- for FREE -- 4 of THE MOST incredible and valuable “Marketing Systems” ever created for real estate investors AND for ‘finder’s fee’ entrepreneurs.  These four “Marketing Systems” (that make up my “Real Estate Money Machine”) will consistently deliver profitable deals to you… getting you checks for $5,000… $15,000… even $25,000 and more!   

They will INSTANTLY set you up as a “Finder” so you can to earn big finder’s fees just like I do.  Sound good?  Let me give you the details… 

Here are the FOUR, complete, ready-to-go “REI Marketing Systems” I will give you for FREE 

FREE REI Marketing System #1:
“The Automated WHOLESALE Deal Finder”

"Wholesaling" is the business of placing a bargain-priced property under contract and then quickly assigning the deal to another Investor Buyer who will close on the property in your place.  There is absolutely NO RISK with wholesaling because you never actually put any money down on the property.  You are simply the "middleman."  This is my preferred way to earn big money as a "Finder" and generate cash extremely quickly -- with little effort and NO money of your own needed!

In fact, I used this exact System to acquire 12 properties in Dallas, Texas last month, at HUGE discounts (half-price or less!).  And by the way… Dallas is 200 miles away from my home and office in Austin.  I acquired these properties without ever seeing them!

Note: One of the Bonuses you'll get (if you act today) is a FREE COPY of an informative DVD titled, "Wholesaling For Fast Cash: Your Blueprint For Success." On this DVD, you'll see the "wholesaling" methods I use to acquire houses 200 miles away for half-price… without seeing the properties… and without any money!

Most people think about “retail” real estate: buying a house and maybe fixing it up or holding it for a while to, ultimately, sell it to somebody who wants to live in it. But with “wholesale” real estate, we find “bargain properties” that can be instantly sold to ‘wholesale buyers’…. professional, private investors with cash, credit, expertise and the ability to buy instantly, for cash, at the right price. 

That’s what I do and you can too: find a deeply, deeply discounted, good property that can be aquired for half-off or even less, take temporary control, and immediately sell it to the professional buyer at wholesale….if I find a $200,000.00 house that can be aquired for just $100,000.00, and I assign it to the investor for $110,000.00, he gets the house at a $90,000.00 discount and I instantly make $10,000.00.  How hard and long do you have to work now to make $10,000.00?  Well, wait until you hear how easy it is to make $10,000.00 my way! Because… The Secret Of This “Wholesale Finder System” is… 

a very special, inexpensive, personalized postcard.  Yes, a postcard!  This copy-rich postcard consistently gets response rates of over 10% and delivers eager absentee owner sellers to you who are willing to give you their houses for a full 50% below market value!  Mail just 1,000 of these postcards… and you should have at least 100 motivated sellers calling you!  This is the exact postcard System I use to acquire 10 or more houses each month at 50¢ on the dollar or less… and now you can too!  I wrote it, tested it, improved it, have it protected by U.S. Copyright, and use it myself.

IMAGINE: being able to simply mail a postcard – the cheapest form of marketing there is – and have it bring you homeowners eager and happy to sell their good houses in good neighborhoods for half their value….which you convert to finder’s fees of tens-of-thousands of dollars!!!! 

Following  my very simple instructions, you can control these properties (with no money) and quickly assign them to Investor-Buyers for $5,000… $10,000… even $25,000 OR MORE in cash profits… without ever seeing the properties… without ever talking to the sellers (if you use my method)… and without putting any of your own money on the line at all.  

How The “Wholesale Finder System” Works For You*…

(*like a great employee working for you – but you pay him no salary or benefits, he needs no vacation days, needs no supervision!) 

1.   You simply copy and mail the inexpensive little postcard I give you.  (I’ll show you who to mail it to – my most prized secret piece of information: the specific owners of homes in your area who are eager to sell, but do not have the home listed or advertised for sale!...who are mostly absentee owners, who have inherited the property, or moved away because of job or family and have the home sitting empty, or have a parent’s home left on their hands after the parent has moved to an assisted living facility, or otherwise wound up with a home they don’t live in, that is costing them money and giving them headaches.  Or, my mailing service will even mail this little postcard FOR YOU.)

2.   Motivated sellers receive your postcard, call your telephone number, listen to a recorded message, and then answer 14 questions about their property.

3.   Then, these pre-qualified “motivated seller leads” are instantly e-mailed or faxed to you.

4.   You call the sellers using the word-for-word script I give you and close the deals right over the phone.

5. You place the deals with investors ready and able and waiting to buy deeply discounted properties – and you get your finder’s fee instantly.

Sound easy?  It should.  Sound profitable?  It is! 

Here's what you get for FREE with "REI Marketing System #1":

1.   You get full Reprint & Use Rights to the “Magic Little Postcard” that’s pulling response rates of over 10%.

2.   You get the exact recorded voice mail script I use to record on your answering machine (or use the service I recommend).  This script automatically pre-screens sellers for you, saving you time.

3.   You get my proprietary “Seller Call Sheet.” This is a word-for-word script of exactly what to say to sellers when you get them on the phone… to acquire their properties for less than 50¢ on the dollar.

4.   You also get the postcard, voice mail script, and the Seller Call Sheet on a CD-ROM in Microsoft Word.  Simply add your telephone number to the postcard, send it to the printer and you’re ready-to-go!  Or let us mail it for you!

5.   You get a “Quick Start Guide” with simple, step-by-step instructions for using this System.

6.   PLUS… keep reading to find out how you can get the postcard mailings in this System DONE FOR YOU…  and not only done for you… but done for you FOR FREE! 

NOTE: In the very near future, I will be selling "The Wholesale Finder Marketing System" as a separate, stand-alone product and will charge $795.00 for it. If you can take action right now, you'll get this entire System for FREE! (a $795.00 value)

FREE REI Marketing System #2:
Deal Finder"

You can’t turn on the TV or open the newspaper without hearing about THE FLOOD OF FORECLOSURES.  Experienced real estate investors know this is where huge need and huge opportunity is, yet most can’t do well because they do not have a System that actually works to reach the homeowner who is in trouble before foreclosure hits.  This FREE System will have you completely dominating the  PRE-FORECLOSURE market in your area.  Your phone will ring off the hook with motivated sellers calling you… YOU never chase them.

According to a recent article published by Reuters, a record 2.8 million properties went into foreclosure last year.  And there is NO end in sight.  In fact, we are expecting another huge jump in the second half of this year as more sub-prime adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) reset.  The Pre-Foreclosure/Short Sale niche is one of the hottest and most lucrative niches right nowand you have a clear window of opportunity to make a LOT of money.  My System gets individuals in Pre-Foreclosure to call YOU… FIRST….before the property ever reaches the courthouse steps.  You can then just transfer the deal to an Investor-Buyer and collect a nice Finder's Fee OR you can negotiate a Short-Sale (or discount) with the lender… in effect, creating equity for yourself out of thin air!  This allows you to make insane profits on properties with little or no equity… even on over-leveraged properties!

NOTE: Another BONUS you'll get (by acting today) is a FREE COPY of another educational DVD titled: "How To Make A Fortune With Pre-Foreclosures and Short-Sales" (a $95.00 value).  This informative DVD covers the basics of this lucrative niche of real estate investing in much more detail.

If you are new to real estate – just like I was a short time ago – you can step right into this booming but very cluttered marketplace, stand out, and quite easily get people lining up to have you help them get out of their “upside down” mortgage or home they can’t afford…giving you properties at 50-cents on the dollar, that investors will instantly buy… giving you fat finder’s fees.  It’s easy when you know how, and have what ordinary investors don’t: my System!

I created and refined a series of 7 direct mail sales letters, that target people in pre-foreclosure… and these sales letters consistently generate response rates of over 10%!

In fact, the last time I mailed these “killer” letters, they were mailed to just 213 people in Austin, Texas who were facing foreclosure.  I received 31 pre-screened motivated seller leads (a 14% response rate!!!) and acquired the deeds to 11 houses.  These deals were ready-made to hand off to investors – with big cash profits for me.

Here's How My Pre-Foreclosure
Marketing System Works… (Yours Free!)

  1. You mail out the series of 7 pre-foreclosure letters (or, we can mail them for you).

  2. Your prospects (who are facing foreclosure) receive your letters, call your voice mail number, and answer 15 pre-qualifying questions.  This quickly lets you know if it’s a good deal.

  3. Those 15 questions with the answers are immediately e-mailed or faxed to you with complete seller lead contact info.

  4. You follow-up with the leads by phone using my tried-and-tested phone script to close the deal!

  5. You place the deals with investors ready and able and waiting to buy deeply discounted properties – and you get your finder’s fee instantly!

Here's what you get for FREE with "REI Marketing System #2":

1.   You get FREE Reprint & Use Rights to my 7 “Pre-Foreclosure” sales letters.  YOU will DOMINATE the pre-foreclosure market in your area when you mail these letters.

2.   You get the 15-question voice message script that automatically pre-screens the sellers for you.

3.   You get the Phone Script/Seller Call Sheet to use when calling the sellers back.  You get my powerful e-mail follow-up to send to these sellers.

4.   You get the 7 sales letters, voice mail script, the Phone Script/Seller Call Sheet, and the e-mail on a CD-ROM in Microsoft Word (so you can easily modify the sales letters with your name and phone number).

5.   You get the “Quick Start Guide” with step-by-step instructions for this entire System laid out for you… where/how to find the best pre-foreclosure names (including little-known services that will provide you with the best names of people in pre-foreclosure)… and more.

6.   BONUS! If you are doing "short sales," (a particular type of foreclosure deal) you will also get special “VIP Access” to my private team of experts who will negotiate your short sale transactions with the banks FOR YOU!  All you have to do is find the deals, (which this “REI Marketing System” will do for you), and they will negotiate the short sales for you.  This is Short-Sales DONE FOR YOU!

7.   PLUS… keep reading to find out how you can get these sales letter mailings DONE FOR YOU… and not only done for you… but done for you FOR FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: In the very near future, I will also be selling this System as a separate product for $795.  However, if you take action today, you’ll also get this entire System for FREE 

"Michael Kimble's direct mail service recently mailed the pre-foreclosure letters to 450 people in the Suburban Chicago area for me. I'm in a very competitive area and I was blown away with the response! Because of Michael's system, I currently have 4 short sale deals pending that will net me approximately $115,000! This is automatic cash as far as I'm concerned and an incredible shortcut to done deals."
-- Jim Fleck, Illinois

FREE REI Marketing System #3:
"Sells Your Properties To INVESTOR-BUYERS
For Fast Cash!"

This System is the second half of the profit equation… it SELLS your properties to Investor Buyers (rehabbers and landlords) for fast cash!  This is the “click a mouse, sell a house” System.  If you can click the mouse and send an e-mail to a friend, you have all the computer skills you need!  This powerful FREE System will get “Investor Buyers” to line-up and practically beg you to sell them the discounted properties you find with Systems #1 and #2! 

"Investor Buyers" (rehabbers and landlords) are always looking for good deals.  You simply mark-up the properties that you acquired for 50¢ on the dollar… and wholesale them to Investor Buyers for quick and easy profits!  Investor Buyers are motivated to quickly buy and close on the discounted deals "REI Marketing Systems #1 and #2" found for you… and you can pocket $5,000.00 to $50,000.00 on each deal!

OK!  So, with REI Marketing Systems #1 & #2
You Found A Bunch Of Deals In Your Area…
Now You CASH IN!

Getting houses for 50¢ on the dollar or less (without using any of your own money) is great, but the real profits are made when you sell or “flip” these properties for fast cash… when you “connect” with investors who buy immediately….that’s when being a Finder pays off and you take a check made out for $10,000.00 or $20,000.00 down to the bank and deposit it, with a big smile on your face!

 That’s where REI Marketing System #3 steps in to find you motivated Investor Buyers who will quickly buy the properties you find for CASH.

There are hundreds of these Investor Buyers right in your area who do not go hunt for deals on their own and prefer having you bring them to them.  If needed, there are thousands more Investor Buyers within your state.

With my System, they will be standing in line waiting for you to find a deal for them – and I want you to “own” your very own group of these cash-rich Investor Buyers (just like I do). 

This FREE System consists of two inexpensive, but powerful postcards you can use to quickly build your Investor Buyers list and then present the properties you find to them.  One of these postcards is getting over a 7% response rate! 

How would you like to mail 1,000 postcards… and one
week later… have 70 Investor Buyers on your list…
who are eager to buy all the good deals you find?

Here’s how this System works:

You simply mail these postcards to a list of Investor Buyers.  (I’ll tell you exactly who to mail to.  Or, we can even mail the postcards for you.)  The Investor Buyers receive your postcard in the mail and then go to your “squeeze page” website (I give you the website template for FREE) where they opt-in and enter their name, address, phone numbers and  e-mail address.  You then e-mail (or mail) them information about your properties each time you find one… and sell your properties for FAST CASH! 

That’s why I call this System…

"Click A Mouse, Sell A House!"

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently wholesaling properties 200 miles away that my System finds in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  (I’m doing it “virtually,” without seeing the properties.)  I recently mailed this postcard to Investor Buyers in the Dallas area… and one week later, I had over 500 Investor Buyers on my list!

Remember, real estate is just a commodity for these investors.  So, imagine if you owned a pizza shop and could somehow know on Thursday who would decide they wanted a pizza on Friday night, so, before they called anyone else or looked for pizza, you could send them an e-mail announcing a terrific deal on pizza -- and that your delivery guy was a few blocks from their house with a fresh, hot pizza ready to deliver!  That’s exactly the position I’m going to put you in, but you’ll make $10,000.00 or more instead of ten bucks on each “delivery”!!!!  The list I help you create is YOURS, and it’s a very, very valuable asset.  With that list, all you do – the minute you find the right deal – is e-mail your list. (NO newspaper advertising, NO yard signs, NO taking calls from people not qualified to buy, NO selling.  Simple, easy, quick, and, as an aside, just about invisible to the world, including nosy neighbors.  Nobody needs to know how you’re making all the money you’re making.  You can keep it a secret if you like.) 

Here’s what you get for FREE with “REI Marketing System #3”: 

1.   You get FREE Reprint & Use Rights to the two Investor Buyers postcards.  These little postcards are proven to quickly build your Investor Buyers list, so you have Investor Buyers waiting when you find the right deals.

2.   You get a “template” of the very powerful “squeeze page website” that I use.  This website will automatically capture the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your investor buyers for you.

3.   You get the postcards and the website template on a CD-ROM (so you can easily modify them with your contact information.)

4.   You get the “Fast Start Guide” giving you simple, step-by-step instructions for REI Marketing System #3.

5.   PLUS… you can also get these postcard mailings DONE FOR YOU… and done for you FOR FREE! (Keep reading!)

NOTE: This System will also be sold as a stand-alone product in the very near future.  The only way you can be assured to get if for FREE, is by acting today.

FREE REI Marketing System #4:
"Sells Your Properties To RETAIL BUYERS
For Maximum Profits"

A Retail Buyer is a regular homebuyer who is looking to purchase a house to live in.  You can make some SERIOUS money selling some of the properties you find to Retail Buyers.  Right now, Retail Buyers are having a lot of trouble buying at Retail Prices, because of the credit crunch and tight financing, and that’s not going to ease up anytime soon.  By offering these homebuyers properties at nice discounts but still big profits (because you bought the property at 50-cents on the dollar), you can make a GIANT PROFIT – FAST – on a house.  Yes, this is more complicated than using System #1 or #2 with #3….basically, the Finder Business. You may not want to do it until you’ve had some success with System #1 or #2.  But sometime soon, you’ll come across the perfect property to do this with and you’ll have everything you need.

 With this System #4, you can quickly sell your properties to worthy families at retail, without using a Realtor, without paying 3% to 6% in real estate commissions.  The System uses a simple postcard and a display ad that will find Retail Buyers … so you can make BIG profits on your deals.

Here’s how this System works:

(1) You mail the lead-generation postcard I give you to a targeted group of people who are ideal prospects to buy one of the houses you find.  (I tell you who to mail to.)  You can also use the small lead-generation display ad I give you to  generate retail buyer leads.  (I tell you where to place this powerful ad, that will get you a flood of leads!)

(2) My lead-generation postcard and display ad will get retail buyers (who are ready to buy now) to call your answering machine or voice mail service.  (I give you the voice mail script to use with this strategy.)  These retail buyer prospects call and leave their name and address.

(3) You do NOT need to talk to them.  You then mail my 4-page sales letter (along with a full-blown credit application) to your retail buyer leads.  (I give you my 4-page sales letter and credit application.)  This special letter sells them on buying a house you find.  

(4) They then complete and mail or fax the credit application back to you.  These retail buyer leads will fill out the credit application giving you their financial information… including how much money they can afford to put down on the houses you’re selling… how much they have in savings… and how much of a monthly payment they can afford.  You now have a highly-qualified prospect who is ready to BUY NOW!

(5) You follow my simple instructions to complete this transaction with the buyer “delivered on a silver platter” with my System. 

Here’s what you get for FREE with “REI Marketing System #4”: 

1.  You get FREE Reprint & Use Rights to my lead-generation postcard and display ad that gets Retail Buyers to call you.

2.  You get FREE Reprint & Use Rights to a 4-page sales letter and credit application to mail to your Retail Buyer prospects that gets them to buy your properties.  You mail this 4-page letter along with the credit application to all the leads generated by the postcards and/or display ad.  Retail buyer prospects respond by filling out the credit application and mailing it back to you.

3.  You get recorded voice mail script that I use.

4.  You get the postcard, display ad, sales letter, credit app, and voice mail script on a CD-ROM (so you can easily modify them with your contact information).

5.  You get the “Fast Start Guide” giving you simple, step-by-step instructions for REI Marketing System #4.

6.   PLUS… you can also get the postcard mailings DONE FOR YOU… and done for you FOR FREE! (Keep reading!) 

You Get All Four Systems Above
(The entire "Real Estate Money Machine!")

RELAX!!!!  DON’T GET TOO HUNG UP ON THE DETAILS NOW -- I’ll walk you through them in the Fast Start Guides included with these Systems.  All four of my “REI Marketing Systems” are complete and  ready-to-go.  I give you everything you need to succeed as a “Finder” or, if you like or when you’re ready, as a real estate investor, too.  You get a “Machine” that finds you deals… and sells your deals for you!  There’s nothing left to chance and there’s nothing for you to figure out for yourself. 

It’s Never Going To Get Any Easier Than This
To Make Serious Money Part-Time Or Even In Spare Time, From Home, In Privacy!

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to make a really significant income, starting immediately… with very little work, then THIS IS IT!   If you’re sincerely motivated to quickly learn and master new moneymaking skills, own your own business, and create financial success you can be proud of, THIS is the key to that doorway.  And if you’d like to actually create wealth and security for yourself and your family in a business that does not enslave you, THIS is the answer. 

These “REI Marketing Systems” have a proven track record to get you more deals than you could ever possibly want… to give you quick success and immediate cash income as a Finder… and to guide you in becoming a successful investor too, if you’d like that.

All four of these Systems will be shipped to you via UPS absolutely FREE within the next 48 hours… if you request them today.

Q. "How much money can these FREE 'REI Marketing Systems' make me?"

A. "Here's a typical example of how you can earn $15,000.00 from just ONE deal... within the next 30 days."

Let's say you mailed 1,000 of the postcards you get with REI Marketing System #1, "The Automated Wholesale Finder System."  From this mailing, you received 108 phone calls from highly-motivated sellers.  One of the houses you found from this mailing has an "after repaired value" of $150,000. Using the Seller Call Sheet I gave you with System #1, you're able to get this house (worth $150,000) for only $80,000 without any money or credit, and at NO risk to you.  You can quickly and easily wholesale this house to one of your "Investor-Buyers" (that you got using System #3) who will gladly pay $95,000 CASH for it, and will close in 7 days.  So, you got the property you found under contract for $80,000 (without any money), and then quickly placed it with an Investor-Buyer for $95,000. This means…

My FREE "REI Marketing Systems"
Just Made YOU A Quick $15,000.00!

Your Investor-Buyer is very happy because after he does some minor repairs costing no more than $10,000 , he's got a $150,000 house he can sell for a $45,000 profit…or discount, sell for the bargain price of just $120,000, and still make $15,000 (or he can keep it add it to his rental portfolio, because it cash flows very nicely). Your original seller is happy because she got rid of a "problem" (which is a vacant house that was just sitting there costing her money- she was an absentee owner, the exact kind of homeowner my System finds.)  And you're happy because… well, you just made $15,000 without really having to work for it!  You did NOT have any holding costs, no rehab costs, no tenant worries, no money out of pocket… nothing!  My Marketing Systems did most of the work for you… and you received a check for $15,000.00.  The entire process took less than 30 days!

 So What's The Catch… Why Am I Giving Away These
FOUR Ready-To-Go "REI Marketing Systems" For FREE?

Good question.  There are actually two reasons why I will give you these Systems absolutely FREE

Reason #1:  I’d like to get a testimonial from you.  As I mentioned earlier, I will be selling these “REI Marketing Systems” as 4 stand-alone products, in the very near future.  Each one will probably be priced at about $800.00.  And, very frankly, I expect to sell thousands of them before I’m done.  I have already started writing the sales letters that will sell these 4 Systems.  Once my sales letters are completed and I have testimonials from just 50 additional people who are using these Systems, I may stop giving them away for free at any moment, and begin charging for them.  So I want your success story.  One of the reasons I’m giving you all this for FREE today is… I’m hoping that once these Systems have started making money for you… you’ll send me a testimonial.  I want to have testimonials from users of my Systems to include with the sales letters I’m writing so other real estate finders and investors can see PROOF of how powerful these Systems actually are.  Fair enough?

You see, you are hearing about this at the very beginning -- and you can enjoy a big head-start in using these Systems to make a great deal of money.

Reason #2:  It’s a bribe.  It’s a shameless (but ethical) bribe to get you to say “MAYBE” to becoming a Member of my “REI Marketing Club.”  I do NOT want you say “yes” or “no” just yet.  All I ask you to say is “maybe”… just take a look at my “Club” and give it a try… RISK FREE.  And I’ll immediately send you all FOUR of my proven “REI Marketing Systems” absolutely FREE.  How’s that for a good deal?

Why You’ll Love Being In My “REI Marketing Club”…
THE Club That Makes You Money!!!

I created “The REI Marketing Club” for ambitious men, women and couples who enjoy making big money as Finders and also want to become successful real estate investors and create real financial freedom for themselves and their families… and for entrepreneurs who want to learn about, use, and profit from the most effective, cutting-edge marketing available today.  Because after all, MARKETING is the single most important factor to your success in this business or any other.

Thanks to my marketing know-how, I’ve created and live a very, very good life.  My wife and I live in Austin, Texas, in a beautiful home near the lake in a gated community -- and we enjoy spending time out on the lake in our own boat.  When we travel, we go first class.  We wait for nothing.  And the “bad economy” has been of no concern to us.

We are not dependent on some badly managed, debt burdened company for our jobs, health care or pensions.  We are completely independent.  And what started as a hobby, applying my marketing know-how to being a Finder of great real estate deals for others has created a new business better than my others, a great income made from about 10 hours a week, and led to my success as a real estate investor as well.  It would be horribly selfish to keep all that to myself.  Why?  I want to SHARE IT ALL and be a “success guide and mentor” -- that’s my new ambition, and that’s why I’m inviting you to join my exclusive Club.

By being a Member of the “The REI Marketing Club”… you will constantly be learning about new marketing tools, techniques, Systems, and resources that are being used by me, and the most successful real estate investors in the country today.  You’ll be exposed to new opportunities and more ways of making money and building wealth, security and freedom independently -- never again being dependent on someone else for a paycheck, worry about being fired or seeing your job out-sourced, or begging for days off.  

Each month, I interview and introduce you to real estate investors who are using cutting-edge marketing in their business to do lots of deals, and get them to tell you all the different ways they are making money right now, in today’s economy.  I record these interviews and send them to you on Audio CD.

PLUS, I send you the actual sales and marketing pieces being used by the investor or Finder or entrepreneur I interview that month… so you can use them, too!  That’s right!  By being a Member of this Club, you’ll receive brand-new materials each and every month that you can use… and that are PROVEN to make you even more money!

Each time I create a new marketing System that works (or modify my existing marketing), I’ll tell you all about it -- and send it to you -- so you can use it in your business, too!  So, in addition to teaching you about marketing, and sending you NEW marketing materials each month that you can use… I’m also creating and TESTING new marketing pieces for you!  By being a Member of this Club, you will finally be a true INSIDER!

And Here’s My BEST Offer Of All: 

If You Become A "GOLD LEVEL" Member of the Club,

That’s right: If you say “maybe” to becoming a GOLD MEMBER… my team will do all of your mailings for you.  That means all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax as the leads come in… and as deal after deal closes.  It’s “Marketing Done For You!”  This way, you are “made” into a top earning Finder!

“The REI Marketing Club” has two 2 levels of Membership to choose from… Silver or GOLD… 

Obviously, GOLD has a few more benefits.  But regardless if you decide to try Silver or GOLD… you’ll still receive all 4 of the “REI Marketing Systems” explained on this site for FREE.  As long as you act quickly, all 4 Systems will be rushed to you FREE -- immediately.

So, let’s determine which you want to do… Silver or Gold…. 

Here's what you get as a "Silver Member"
of "The REI Marketing Club":

1. You’ll get the “REI Marketer of the Month Interview” on an Audio CD.  You also get actual copies of the sales and marketing pieces used by the “REI Marketer of the Month”… so YOU can use these pieces.

The “REI Marketer of the Month” Audio CDs will be mailed to you via First Class Mail.  Use these CDs to turn commuting hours or exercise hours into moneymaking hours!  There’s no easier way to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of this exciting business. 

Here are some of the EXCLUSIVE moneymaking breakthroughs you’ll discover only on my “REI Marketer Of The Month” CDs: 

You’ll hear how these “REI Marketers” have automated and systemized their investing businesses… allowing them to enjoy a “millionaire” lifestyle.  You’ll get an inside look at their businesses, so you can copy their techniques, and enjoy a fabulous lifestyle, too!  The goal: EVERYTHING automated… so you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy all the money you’re earning!

I’ll introduce you to REI Marketers who are doing “virtual investing”… and are closing deals that are HUNDREDS (even thousands) of miles away… without going to other cities or even seeing the properties.  You’ll learn their techniques (and the techniques I’m using), so you can do the same!  THIS IS SUCH AN EXCITING WAY TO MAKE YOUR LIVING.  You can pick any place in the U.S. to make money at a distance or travel there and pick up big Finder’s Fees while on vacation, visiting family or just “seeing the USA”!
You’ll discover how to set-up Systems and completely outsource (almost) everything… so you won’t have to do any of the “busy” work.  (As a GOLD MEMBER of the Club we’ll do your marketing FOR YOU!)
I’ll introduce you to successful investors who are using e-mail and Internet marketing to do deals… so you can do the same.  You’ll even get their actual e-mails, website copy, etc., so you can use them in your business, too!  INTERNET MARKETING IS “HOT” – but most people over-complicate it, or waste their time doing it with low price items, with eBay – when they could be using simple internet marketing to make really big money with real estate.
You’ll even learn how to become a smart, confident, INVESTOR who creates real wealth from real estate – safely and securely.
AND MUCH MORE!  Listening to these monthly interviews will quickly turn you into a “real estate money-making wiz”… you will learn and you will profit!

As a Silver Member, you'll also get…

2. Instant access to the Members Only "REI Marketing Club Website."

Here’s some of what you’ll find on this private website…

The REI Marketing Vault.  “The Vault” is loaded with great marketing materials (sales letters, ads, postcards, phone scripts, and other tools) that you can download, edit, print-up and use any time you want, for ANY type of Finder business or real estate investing you do (or want to do).  All of these marketing materials have already been tested and proven for you.  New materials are added each month.
Back issues of the “REI Marketer of the Month” audio interviews. (You can even download these interviews onto your iPod.)
Full transcripts of every interview so you can underline key points and study these words of wisdom in depth.
This site is continually updated with hot, new content you can begin using right away in your business.  This will be your “go-to” site for REI money-making and marketing information.

That’s everything included in the Silver Membership… and that’s the minimum starting level  - but if you are ready for the fastest path and most complete on-going support for your travels to financial freedom….

OR - Here’s what you get as a “GOLD MEMBER” of “The REI Marketing Club”…

As a GOLD MEMBER, you get EVERYTHING you just read about above for Silver Members… PLUS


As a GOLD MEMBER of “The REI Marketing Club,” you can get ALL of your mailings done for you by my printing and mailing Service Center.  My Service Center keeps a file of every marketing piece you get with your Membership.  (This includes all the pieces you get for free with the 4 “REI Marketing Systems” and new pieces I send you in the future.)  By being a GOLD MEMBER, the Service Center will mail any of these pieces FOR YOU at the same low, discounted rates I pay. 

Because of my large-volume buying power, my printing and mailing costs are among the lowest in the country… and these rock-bottom costs, these huge savings are passed on to you, as a GOLD MEMBER of the Club.

In fact… the money you SAVE on printing costs
by having us do your mailings for you will more
than pay for your GOLD Membership!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not get access to my discounted printing and mailing services unless you are a GOLD MEMBER of "The REI Marketing Club."

4. Also… as a GOLD MEMBER, you get a "LICENSE" to RESELL this entire "REI Marketing Club" Membership program to other investors and earn large commissions.

YES -- you can join me in "mail-order"... enjoy a 2nd way to make extra income!  If you want to have some “fun” with marketing (and earn some good money on the side), then you’re going to love this opportunity!  

As a GOLD MEMBER of the Club, you’ll become an affiliate and can resell this very same program to other people throughout the country and world.  THIS INSTANTLY PUTS YOU IN THE ‘MAIL-ORDER BUSINESS’ JUST LIKE ME, where I have made millions of dollars.  This hands you a second money-making opportunity based on a magnificent success principle -- to quote Zig Ziglar, “You can get everything in life you want by helping others get what they want.”  IMAGINE: you’ll be helping others discover the true path to financial freedom with real estate!

And you’ll earn $200.00 for each
new Membership that occurs thanks to your efforts at introducing this opportunity and this Club to others.

You will NOT have to work hard to earn this money!  As a GOLD MEMBER, I will give you the very same marketing materials I use to sell this Membership program both online and offline.  This includes e-mails, your own affiliate website, and a simple, little postcard that sends people to your affiliate website.  All absolutely FREE!

Plus… I’ll teach you a “Zero Cost” marketing strategy that gets real estate investors from all across the country to go to the website, where they can join the Club and YOU get paid.  This secret technique costs nothing to implement… and you’ll earn a $200.00 commission for each sale it makes for you.  This is FREE MONEY for you!

NOTE: This has to be a LIMITED opportunity, and I may need to stop giving it to new Members at any time -- because I am voluntarily limiting the number of people promoting the Club, to prevent market saturation and insure everyone has ample opportunity.  I can’t urge you strongly enough -- act now! 

If your promotion sells just ONE of these Memberships every two months, your GOLD MEMBERSHIP is FREE.  But if your efforts sell a few of these Memberships each month (earning $200.00 for each sale) -- that extra money you receive can cover the mailing costs for your  Finder’s and investing business!  Now you’re getting ALL of your REI marketing done for you… for FREE!   

(Imagine… making money in real estate and ALL of your marketing is DONE FOR YOU.  And it’s not costing you anything, because it’s being funded by this little side venture of selling Memberships!  Amazing!)  

You might even get more ambitious and involved in advertising, marketing and promoting the Memberships, and find $2,000.00… $4,000.00… $6,000.00 a month is waiting for you.  All the orders are processed for you and your commission checks mailed to you on the 5th of each month.  You’re in the mail-order business with NO investment in inventory… NO handling or shipping of product… NO need to get your own credit card merchant accounts… NO need to hire copywriters and web site designers and others… NO headaches or hassles.

Plus, When You Sign-Up As A GOLD MEMBER Today
You’ll Get These 2 Additional Bonuses FREE


 My exclusive “Commercial Real Estate Marketing Toolkit” -- for FREE!  ANYONE can make money with shopping centers, storage centers, strip malls, office buildings. I will give you four sales letters I wrote for a friend of mine who invests in commercial real estate that will get your phone ringing with motivated sellers of apartment buildings… office buildings… shopping centers… and raw land.  Sign-up as a GOLD MEMBER today and you’ll receive these four powerful sales letters that can make you very wealthy -- earning millions -- in commercial real estate! (a $995 value)


VIP access to my personal “virtual” Closing Coordinator.*  No matter where you live in the U.S., my Closing Coordinator (or someone on her small staff) can oversee the closings of ALL your deals for you… from start to finish… saving you lots of time.  She will coordinate and manage every detail of the closing transactions with your buyers, sellers, and the title company FOR YOU… so you can relax while my Marketing Systems are getting you more deals! She will see to it that your checks are sent to you via FedEx! Real Estate Closings Done For You! 

* This BONUS is currently being offered on a very limited basis only to people who join “The REI Marketing Club” as a GOLD MEMBER right now.  My Closing Coordinator can only handle a limited number of closing transactions each month and once she reaches her limit, we will no longer offer this bonus to members  who join in the future. To ensure that you get this bonus, you must join now. 

Click Here Now To Join


Customer Service Rating by LivePerson


"I am so excited about the REI Marketing Club. Because of it, I have two houses that I am working on that are fabulous deals for me and whoever I sell them to. I have several buyers chomping at the bit to buy my houses right now! When I used Michael's Craig's List ad, I received an overwhelming response to my ad in less than 12 hours! I am amazed that this works so well. I am so excited about selling my first house, I just can't wait. I am so glad I joined Michael's club."
-- Kathleen Barca, California

"Thanks, REI Marketing Club, for giving me the competitive edge in today's uncertain economy. I sent out 1,000 of your postcards - it was a bargain considering the amount of time and money you have spent perfecting the copy - and the results were absolutely outstanding! We had over 25 deals! Heck, I am doing business in Indiana and I got a young lady from Florida ready to close in less than a month! That's truly, 'the less I do, the more I make' mentality. Thanks! Next time, I'm going to send out 3,000 postcards! I love to sell houses quickly and your system enables me to do that!"
-- Clinton Douglas, Missouri

"This last pre-foreclosure mailing I did got a lot of results - let's do that again!"
-- Mohammed Raza, New Jersey

"Michael, your system is amazing. You cover every aspect of running a successful real estate business from the comfort of home, anywhere in the country. You go over finding properties all the way up to the exit strategy. You also go over how to handle marketing and all the administrative tasks involved, most of which is outsourced, which frees up time for the investor."
-- Cynthia Coburn, Texas

"Dear Michael, I've been around the world attending seminars and boot camps at costs of up to $25,000.00. I've purchased books, CDs and courses in my search for a way to make big money. In the past, I'd buy products and never take action for fear of failure. I didn't want to make mistakes learning how to get it right. Now, I have the knowledge of how to operate a marketing driven business. Now I'm confident with your proven, precise step-by-step, system which is very easy to understand, I can take massive action. I just wish someone would have offered me these insider secrets sooner. I'm ready to take action. Finally. Thanks a million."
-- Chet Rowland, Florida

Even More Money-Making Goodies
For ALL Members

All new Silver and GOLD Members also receive the “REI Marketing Home Study Package.”  This includes 2 DVDs, a marketing course, an advertising course, and an Audio CD (for total value of $765.00) that will get you up to speed fast in the areas of “wholesaling houses”… pre-foreclosures & “short sales”… direct-response marketing… and direct-response advertising.  If this sounds like a foreign language or complicated, confusing or intimidating to you, this Package will quickly bring you up to speed and make it all clear and understandable. 

Here’s what’s included with your “REI Marketing Home Study Materials”: 

1.   “Wholesaling For Fast Cash: Your Blueprint For Success” DVD (a $95.00 value).  This DVD will show you how to make over $500,000.00 per year by wholesaling houses.  You’ll see the exact System I use to acquire over 10 properties each month at 45¢ to 55¢ on the dollar without ever talking to the seller… without seeing the property… and without using any money.


2.   “How To Make A Fortune With Pre-Foreclosures and Short-Sales” DVD (a $95.00 value).  This is an excellent primer course that introduces you to one of the hottest niches of real estate today!  This full-length educational DVD will show you the basics of finding Pre-Foreclosures… negotiating Short-Sales… and making BIG PROFITS with properties that have little or no equity! (You’ll even discover how to make huge profits even with OVERLEVERAGED properties!)


3.   The “Maximum Profit Direct Marketing” Course (a $237.00 value).  This comprehensive Course shows you how to turn all of your marketing campaigns into powerful cash generators.  It gives you hundreds of proven direct marketing strategies and techniques you can use in your business to pull in cash fast.


4.   The “Advertising Magic!” Course (a $299 value).  This is the manual I refer to when creating hot new ads, sales letters and online marketing pieces.  This HUGE manual shows you step-by-step how to turn all your all of your advertising into major winners.  I refer to my copy of Advertising Magic often writing ads and sales letters. By the way, this Course can help you with ANY business, ANY sales career, and will even open your eyes to new and exciting opportunities you don’t even know exist.


  1. “How To Make A Fortune In A Slow Real Estate Market” Audio CD (a $39 value).  On this CD, you’ll hear numerous “how-to secrets” for creating fast cash as a real estate investor in this current market  we’re in… regardless of your financial situation, previous experience, or available time.

What Does The Membership Cost?

 Your first month in the Club is FREE.  Then starting 30 days from today, the Silver Membership fee is only $49 a month ($59 a month for International Members).  And the GOLD Membership fee (that gets all your printing and mailings done for you at discounted prices) is only $99 a month ($109 a month for International Members).  You can cancel your Membership at ANY time.  You’ll easily SAVE over $99 per month on your printing and mailing costs by having us do it for you.  And remember, my mailing service can mail -- for you -- each and every marketing piece I send you now and in the future. 

There is a one-time Initiation Fee of only $395 to become a Member of “The REI Marketing Club.”  Where else can you be instantly set up in such an exciting moneymaking business as this and become a Member of THE Club that fully supports you… for the equivalent of one month’s car payment, two months of daily Starbucks breaks, or a year of cable-TV?  And, the value of the Home Study Package alone exceeds twice the initiation fee!  I will even REIMBURSE your $395 Initiation Fee IN FULL as soon as you close your first deal (because of your association with me and your Membership in this Club)… if you send me a testimonial letter (with proof of the deal) telling me about your success.  That’s right… I will give you your Initiation Fee back, when you close your first deal and send me a testimonial! 

Here’s A Special, One-Time Offer That’s
Good For Today ONLY...

If you're really serious about your success … and you like SAVING money!... you can pre-pay a full year of GOLD membership into The REI Marketing Club today… and I will waive the $395 Initiation Fee and also give you TWO additional months into the Club for FREE!  That's a total SAVINGS of $593.00!  (Saving the $395 Initiation Fee plus 2 additional months at $99 each = $593.00 of total savings!)  Pre-pay for 12 months of GOLD membership today at $1,188 and I'll give you an additional 2 months FREE (14 months total)… plus you do not pay the $395 Initiation Fee.  Again, you save $593.00.  And, when you close your first deal because of your membership in the Club, I will still reimburse you $395!

 Whatever You Decide, Silver Membership, Gold Membership or a year of Gold Membership pre-paid,
you are Just Saying ”Maybe”…

Click Here Now To Join


Guarantee #1:

30-Day Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.  Join “The REI Marketing Club” right now and try it for a full 30 days.  I’ll immediately send you all 4 of my “REI Marketing Systems”… for FREE! I’ll also send you my new member “REI Marketing Home Study Package”… as well as the other Bonuses.  Plus, you’ll get access to the Members Only “REI Marketing Club Website.” Each month, you’ll get the “REI Marketer of the Month” Audio CDs, and the transcripts.   You’ll also get new marketing materials you can use… because I will send you the sales materials used by the “REI Marketer of the Month” I interview. IT’S ALL COMING TO YOU STARTING IMMEDIATELY, TO GET YOU MAKING MONEY AS A ‘FINDER’ FAST! 

If you’re not thrilled with your Membership for ANY reason, within the next 30 days, call my office and let my assistant know.  We’ll immediately give you a FULL refund of your Initiation Fee on the spot.  No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.  Plus, you can keep the “Wholesale” DVD, the “Pre-Foreclosure” DVD and the “How To Make A Fortune” audio CD as my gifts to you for giving this a try. 

And I have so much confidence in my entire System AND IN YOU, there’s a 2nd Guarantee too:

Guarantee #2:

"6 Deals In 12 Months Or You Get DOUBLE Your Initiation Fee Back" Guarantee

You’re also protected by my conditional “6 Deals In 12 Months Or DOUBLE Your Initiation Fee Back Guarantee.”  If you implement what I teach you and give you… you should EASILY get paid on a MINIMUM of 6 house deals you find within the next 12 months because of your Membership in this Club.  Use the tools and Systems you get by being a Member of this Club for a full 365 days.  If you do not get paid on at least 6 deals you find using everything you receive from me, send me a note describing the details of your use and failure with the Systems, and I will refund DOUBLE your Initiation Fee on the spot.  I WANT you to get paid on at least 6 deals because of your Membership in “The REI Marketing Club”… or I do not want your money!

The Bottom-Line… 

30 days from now, you can be in the same financial position you are now… or you can try this out and discover a fascinating, unusual, extremely profitable and surprisingly easy way to make big money as a ‘Finder’ -- with my step-by-step systems, proven tools, fast start guides, marketing done for you, your own affiliate web site set up for you, and full support of the Club. 

Since I guarantee everything, bluntly, if you turn your back on this opportunity and my offer to assist you every step of the way, then I say that you forever lose any right to complain about your income, security or lifestyle!!!!!

If you DON’T do this, you avoid the $395 initiation Fee, avoid having to learn anything new, and go about your life undisturbed by new opportunity -- but a month, 6 months or a year from now, will “saving” that $395 really make any difference in your life?  Will you be finally getting ahead financially?  Will you have a new, powerful means of making a high income to be proud of?  Will you be amazing your spouse, family and friends with your newfound knowledge and money-making ability?  Of course not.  Only by taking action can you experience change.

Join now, before it's too late!  Let me send you all the FREE Gifts and INSTANT access to the Members Only Website.  You've got a full 30-days to decide if you want to remain a Member or not.

Regardless, you're going to walk away with my "REI Marketing Home Study Materials" as gifts -- even if you decide not to join.

There really is NO risk in you joining. ZERO.  I am giving you everything you need to succeed as a real estate "Finder" and investor… in a BIG way… fast.  I have spent a lot of time making certain this offer is rock solid and seamless.  I use it myself every day.

If you prefer to join the Club by phone, you can call: 1-800-522-4626, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Or, just simply click on the link below.

Click Here Now To Join

Customer Service Rating by LivePerson

I look forward to working with you!  Supporting you!  Hearing of your success and excitement and pride as your $10,000.00, $20,000.00 and even bigger checks begin arriving in your mailbox!!!! 


Michael Kimble
Founder & President,
“The REI Marketing Club”

P.S.   Any ONE of my four “REI Marketing Systems” will EASILY pay for your Membership into the Club many times over… the very first time you use it!  These Systems are ready-to-go!  They WILL make money for you!  And they’re ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions (or let us do your marketing for you)… and you’ll quickly be on your way to making a big income in this wonderful business!

P.S. #2: HOW CAN THIS BE “REAL”?  The power of these Systems comes from FIVE SECRETS.  First, I have discovered a type of homeowner who exists in large and increasing numbers, who want to have a home they own taken off their hands... my most prized secret piece of information: the specific owners of homes in your area who are eager to sell, but do not have the home listed or advertised for sale!... who are mostly absentee owners, who have inherited the property, or moved away because of job or family and have the home sitting empty, or have a parent’s home left on their hands after the parent has moved to an assisted living facility, or otherwise wound up with a home they don’t live in, that is costing them money and giving them headaches.  Second, I’ve perfected postcards and letters that, when mailed to these  particular homeowners, bring them to you, ready and eager to sell their home at a huge discount.  Third, I’ve perfected an entirely automated means of pre-screening these sellers for you, so the actual transaction takes place in one easy phone call... NO face to face meeting, and this can be done locally or long distance.  Fourth, I’ve perfected another direct mail means of finding and organizing your own group of Investor-Buyers waiting to instantly buy these unique real estate deals you find for them.  So... Fifth, you can collect very nice “finder’s fees”.  THIS IS LOGICAL AND UNDERSTANDABLE.  IT IS REALLY A “SERVICE BUSINESS” PROVIDING A BENEFICIAL SERVICE TO CERTAIN HOMEOWNERS AND TO PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS.  The need for this service is EXPLODING, so there’s never been a better time to step into this service business and do well immediately.  Do NOT wait or hesitate.

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P.S. #3:  I know I covered a lot in this letter. I know it may seem “uncomfortable” or odd or foreign to you, and I understand you may still be skeptical and worried that this is NOT what I promise or harder to do than I’ve said it is.  YOU HAVE MY IRONCLAD GUARANTEE.  And what I send you will clear away all confusion and bring you up to speed lickety-split.  Below, is a summary of everything you get with your Membership into “The REI Marketing Club.”  (We will ship you a package via UPS containing most of the items below.)  And, by joining right now, you’ll also get immediate  access the Members Only Website… where you can also view, download, and print everything we’re sending you below… and more!  (Your password will be sent to you.) 

Here's everything you get when you join "The REI Marketing Club" right now:

1. REI Marketing System #1: "The Automated Wholesale Deal Finder" (a $795.00 value) This System quickly gets you wholesale deals at 50¢ on the dollar, or less.

2. REI Marketing System #2: "The Automated Pre-Foreclosure Deal Finder" (a $795.00 value)

3. REI Marketing System #3: "Sells Your Properties To Investor Buyers For Fast Cash" (a $795.00 value)

4. REI Marketing System #4: "Sells Your Properties To Retail Buyers For Maximum Profits" (a $795.00 value)

5. The monthly "REI Marketer of the Month Interview" Audio CDs and transcripts.

6. You get the sales & marketing materials used by the "REI Marketer of the Month" (unlimited value… who knows how many additional deals you'll get because this!)

7. You get instant access to the Members Only Website that contains a wealth of information, including "The REI Marketing Vault," where you'll find even more sales and marketing materials you can use in your investing business.

(GOLD MEMBERS ONLY) (You SAVE on all your printing & mailing costs… unlimited value!)

9. You get a "License to Resell" this entire "REI Marketing Club" Membership Program to other investors and you earn a $200.00 commission for each one sold. You even get all the sales & marketing materials (I use) and a free website that sell the Memberships for you.

10. GOLD BONUS #1: "The Commercial Real Estate Marketing Toolkit" (a $995.00 value, yours FREE)

11 GOLD BONUS #2: VIP access to my "Virtual Closing Coordinator." She will manage and oversee the closings of all your deals for you… saving you lots of time!

12. You get the "REI Marketing Home Study Materials" that includes items #13 to #17 below (for a total value of $775.00):

13. "Wholesaling For Fast Cash: Your Blueprint For Success" DVD that teaches you how I make money "wholesaling" deals (a $95.00 value)

14. "How To Make A Fortune With Pre-Foreclosures and Short-Sales" DVD (a $95.00 value)

15. "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing" course (a $237.00 value)

16. "Advertising Magic!" course (a $299.00 value)

17. "How To Make A Fortune In A Slow Real Estate Market" Audio CD (a $49.00 value)

18. 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

19. "6 Deals In 12 Months Or DOUBLE Your Money-Back Guarantee"

Add up all the immediate value… and it’s over $4,950.00! 

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Customer Service Rating by LivePerson

"Michael Kimble's information is phenomenal as far as how to establish a presence and how to have a mail-out system.  Thanks for taking the time to share with us."
--Randy Sicam

"Michael Kimble's systems and tools are amazing!  If you want to be in real estate, if you want to help people get out of the situations they're in and make a fortune, you've got to get his program right away."
-- Scott Strub, Reno, Nevada

"Thank you for sharing your extensive system for marketing, investing and the numerous resources and links to sites you use. Your generosity in sharing the nuts and bolts of marketing and the rest of the business has been a huge boost to me! Please keep me in your database, because when you have your first seminar, I want to be on the front row!"
-- Marsha Walker, California

"You basically opened up your entire business model from the ground-level details to the 30,000-foot elevation. Anybody that gets all of that information and just replicated your steps would have to generate similar results.  Seeing exactly how you automated each element of the business is as inspiring as it is instructive. Thanks again for your generous serving of down-to-earth, hard-core content. You are one creative and organized guy. Congratulations on your rapid rise to the top."
-- Brendan Moorehead

"We love the idea of running our business on auto pilot while never leaving our home or talking on the phone.  What an ingenious idea!  You're the best and we can't wait to implement your ideas into our own business while we're still working our J-O-B's.  We're looking forward to more of Michael Kimble!"
-- Adam Erhardt & Leslie Went, Texas

"It was great seeing Michael Kimble and his 'Real Life' experiences!"
-- Cheryl Boone, Maryland

"Michael Kimble gave me useful information with respect to setting up fool-proof systems.  Good info!"
-- Linda Feldman, Dallas, Texas

"Mr. Kimble has developed an awesome system.  It's a true eye-opener!"
-- Nancy Akre, Maryland

"We really appreciate Michael Kimble sharing his operation with us!  We learned a great deal and will implement many of his strategies in our business."
-- Saundra Davis, Kentucky

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